Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association

Portfolio Building Support


This networks is for members who have started in the RPS Faculty professional recognition programme and need advice and guidance on how to start and build a portfolio of advanced practice evidence. The network will provide on going support for members who want to know what is needed in their portfolios before they can be submitted for assessment.


• To enable communication/peer support between Members on the portfolio building processes
• To provide access to multiple members simultaneously
• To allow members to advice on the evidence they are planning to present
• To allow members to ask advice on mapping evidence to the APF
• To share experiences with those who have already been through the process
• Technical advice about using the e-portfolio

The purpose of the network is NOT to:
• Provide a judgement or assessment on evidence
• Air grievances or complaints about judgements made during the process
• Members should be directed to the support team for any technical or governance queries

Key topics

• Assessment process news
• Assessment changes

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