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On this page, you will find direct help – tools, guidance and information - that will help with pressures that you may experience within the workplace.

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Reducing workplace pressure through professional empowerment

Excessive workplace pressure is a major problem for some pharmacists12 and we are committed to reducing this. Our approach is to promote the professionalism of individual pharmacist practitioners. This promotion will empower pharmacists to influence their working environment for the benefit of themselves, their support staff, their employers and most importantly the patients whom they serve. It follows that the more engaged a pharmacist is, the greater will be their contribution towards the aims of the organisation in which they work, whether this is patient outcome, profit or both.

About this document

Reducing workplace pressure through professional empowerment is designed to help pharmacists by empowering them, as individuals, to take action if they are adversely affected by workplace pressure. Its aim is to act as a resource that can enable employees and employers to address issues that lead to stress, and so to improve working conditions, productivity and most importantly public safety. This resource includes recommendations, practical guidance and advice for all parties to use in order to manage pharmacy workplace pressures.

The recommendations apply to:

Employers. By which we mean people or organisation who own pharmacies, superintendent pharmacists, chief pharmacists and managers within the NHS and any person with a line management responsibility for someone who works in their professional capacity as a pharmacist.

Pharmacist practitioners. Who are pharmacists either directly employed or engaged as locum pharmacists. This will include all pharmacists who work in patient facing roles and also those whose role requires them to exercise their judgement as a pharmacist.

It brings together the varied factors that can lead to stress, discusses how these can be infl uenced and recommends some solutions.


1. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (2009) Professional workload report
2. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and Pharmacy Practice Research Trust (2009) Turning evidence into action

Employing a locum

This information sheet is designed for those who employ locums, taking into account the required duties under the Responsible Pharmacist (RP) regulations.

If you are a superintendent pharmacist or pharmacy owner you have an overarching responsibility to ensure that appropriate systems are in place to ensure your pharmacy operates safely and effectively.

Download the Employing a locum guidance

Locums: Working as a Responsible Pharmacist

As a locum pharmacist you may be employed to take on the role of Responsible Pharmacist (RP) and be in charge of a pharmacy. This requires compliance with certain conditions which must be observed. As an RP you must secure the safe and effective running of the pharmacy. When you have done this you must display your notice and make an entry in the RP record to show the date and time you became the RP.

Download the Locums: Working as a Responsible Pharmacist guidance