Qualified Person Eligibility Panel of Assessors

QP eligibility panel of assessors

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Royal Society of Biology and Royal Society of Chemistry (the “Joint Professional Bodies (JPB)”) are required by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to certify individuals as eligible for nomination as a Qualified Person (QP). Each professional body has a Panel of Assessors which includes a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society currently have no vacancies on the RPS QP Eligibility Panel of Assessors. In 2011 and 2015 we recruited new Assessors and would like to thank everyone who contacted us and took the time to apply for this role.

The RPS QP Eligibility Panel of Assessors comprises ten Members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society who have experience in a quality role including acting as a Qualified Person. There is a balance of different areas of work and expertise on the Panel. The Assessor's role includes the review of initial written assessments, preparing for interviews and interviewing candidates. The interview panel for each assessment normally involves an assessor from each of the professional bodies (3 Assessors).

The Assessor's position is voluntary and each Assessor contributes their time and expertise for an estimated 4-6 days per year. This includes attendance at an annual training day, along with the Assessors from both other organisations.

The RPS Assessors also collaborate with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to raise awareness on the issues relating to the QP role and in providing support for QPs, for example, via a Qualified Persons virtual network and via the RPS Professional Support Service.

The Society's Governance Handbook includes details on the RPS QP Eligibility Panel of Assessors.