QP role


The legal duties of a QP can only be undertaken if the Licensing Authorities determine an eligible QP is suitable to be named as a QP on a manufacturer's authorisation (MA). The company holding the MA applies to the MHRA/VMD.

Steps to achieve QP Eligibility status - JPB Assessment Scheme (UK) Category A

Membership of RPS, RSC, or SB with an acceptable, relevant qualification (Directives 2001/83/EC and 2001/82/EC). Refer to the Application Documents.

Step 1: Find a Sponsor

Your sponsor's role is vital and includes: (i) support for your qualifying period of experience and training, (ii) help as you prepare for assessment, (iii) provide a sponsor’s report (on your ability to act as a QP) and (iv) verify information on your application form. Find out more »

Step 2: Obtain Relevant Experience

At least two years' experience (except Pharmacists who require at least one year) in one or more facilities authorised to manufacture medicinal products.

Step 3: Apply - via your own professional body

Refer to the Application Documents. Apply when both you and your sponsor agree you are ready. Submit application form, fee (£600), sponsor's report (sponsor form) and countersigned copies of certificates.

Step 4: Initial Assessment of Written Application

QP Officer confirms that your application is complete. Application is initially assessed by Assessors from your professional body. If satisfactory you will be invited to an Interview.

Step 5: Interview - "viva"

Further details on the Interview are in the Guidance Notes. Interviews are held in London.

Candidates who pass will receive a certificate and be added to the professional body's QP eligibility list.

QP Case Studies


"My sponsor was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and as I got close to viva date he organised a number of mock vivas for me"

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