"Some of the pharmacy staff that I work with are quite interested in research...It brings more job satisfaction…They’re saying if they can see patients are benefiting from what we’re doing then it’s a good, good feeling."

Community Pharmacist

"... it just interested me quite a lot, actually being involved in something other than just a prescription conveyor belt and being able to sort of do something that can…change things…Cos if we’re involved in any sort of trial or research project that gives good results and changes the way people practice…that can only be for the best really."

Community Pharmacist

Benefits of Research Ready


There are a number of potential benefits to becoming a Research Ready Accredited Pharmacy:

For the pharmacy team and wider profession:

  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Pursuit of an interest in a specific aspect of practice
  • Opportunities for professional development or career change
  • Greater multidisciplinary working and integration in the wider healthcare team
  • Developing a local leadership role
  • Training and grounding in research
  • Creation of opportunities for collaborative and partnership working
  • Contribution to CP/CFtP
  • Enhanced reputation with other healthcare professionals
  • Commitment to research excellence
  • See also the Research Ready Quick Reference Guide for pre-registration trainees

For patients and the public:

  • Improve the quality of care and patient outcomes
  • Extend service provision for patient and public benefit
  • Greater involvement of patients in the design and conduct of their care

For business:

  • Service development and innovation
  • Evidence to support service commissioning
  • More flexible and skilled workforce
  • Staff retention
  • Financial opportunities
  • Building stronger links with industry and academia

For the research community:

  • Supporting the delivery of NIHR funded studies –  thus supporting NIHR's role in the quick and effective set up of studies and supporting the life-sciences industry to deliver their research programme
  • Improving the research literacy of the pharmacy profession – leading to enhanced opportunities for collaboration with academia, industry, other professions etc.