Research Ready Online Self-Accreditation / Re-Accreditation


The Research Ready online assessment can be used for initial accreditation or re-accreditation.

There are six steps to Research Ready accreditation or re-accreditation:

Step 1 - Read through the Research Ready toolkit
Step 2 - Determine who will be the Research Lead in the pharmacy
Step 3 - Decide whether you want to take part in health research or health research and clinical trials
Step 4 - Discuss Research Ready accreditation/re-accreditation with the pharmacy team and your superintendent/owner
Step 5 - Undergo Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training
Step 6 - Complete the online self-assessment tool.

The Research Ready online assessment should be completed by the pharmacist or pharmacy technician who will take on the role of Research Lead within the Research Ready Community Pharmacy and who must be willing to take professional responsibility for completing the accreditation assessment.  The Roles and Responsibilities of the Research Lead may help you decide who in the pharmacy is best placed to do this.

There are five key sections to the assessment:

1. Research Support e.g. are your Superintendent and Pharmacy Team supportive of participating in research?
2. Research Space and Resources e.g. adequate storage space, allocated staff time etc.
3. Patient Medication Record e.g. data searches, maintaining data quality etc.
4. Governance and Ethical Review e.g. understanding research governance, ethics etc.
5. Responsibilities to Patients, Public and Staff e.g. Data Protection, informed consent, indemnity, remuneration etc

If your community pharmacy can meet the requirements outlined in the required five sections then you can submit your application to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for accreditation of your premises.

Once you have completed your assessment the information will be held by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and will be shared with the research networks of the National Institute for Health Research to support and enable your involvement in existing studies.

The RPS's Research Ready team will use the data to advise research councils, medical research charities and universities about interested pharmacy sites. You will then receive invitations to take part in studies (via the RPS or NIHR research networks), but you are not under obligation to take part. You should make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Research Ready accreditation is issued for a period of three years after which the Research Lead is required to re-accredit the pharmacy.

To begin the online assessment for Research Ready accreditation or re-accreditation click here.