"I think as well you’d feel more comfortable trying to start your own research if you’d already taken part in other people’s research so you’ve got more of an idea how it works."

Community Pharmacist

"I mean it’s one thing dispensing the medication and handing it out, and knowing that the patient goes away and maybe takes it and feels better as a result, but you don’t get that response...whereas when you’re involved in the project you get to engage with the patient more directly, build up a relationship with them, and hopefully see the benefits that they gain from whatever they’re involved in."

Community Pharmacist

Case Studies of Community Pharmacy Research Involvement


Community pharmacies can get involved in research in a number of ways:

  • Raising patient and public awareness of opportunities to get involved in research
  • Promoting suitable research studies to patients and the public (e.g. leaflets, posters)
  • Identifying suitable study participants (e.g. opportunistically or through relevant clinics or via searches of the patient medication record)
  • Recruiting to studies (e.g. obtaining valid informed consent)
  • Supporting or delivering an intervention (e.g. taking samples, running clinics, managing patient data)
  • Storing and dispensing clinical trial medication
  • Advising on study design and feasibility of delivery in community pharmacy
  • Providing expert advice on medicines use and optimisation

A number of case studies are presented here to illustrate where pharmacies have supported studies in different ways:

Case Study - Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study

Case Study - Commercial Study in Type 2 Diabetes

Case Study - GSK Salford Lung Study

Case Study - Evaluation of a COPD Case finding Service in Community Pharmacies

Case Study - Health Economic Evaluation of a COPD Support Service Delivered in Community Pharmacies

Case Study - Health Economic Evaluation of a Four or More Medicines (FOMM) Support Service Delivered in Community Pharmacy

Case Study - an Evaluation of the Role of Community Pharmacists in optimising Safe and Appropriate Medicines use in Response to Patient Request for Emergency Supplies

Case Study - Development of Community Pharmacy Alcohol Brief Intervention: Assessment of feasibilty and effectiveness

Case Study - What is the Impact of Knowledge Gained Through Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) in Adult Asthma Patients

Case Study - The Effects of Mental Workload on Community Pharmacists’ Ability to Detect Dispensing Errors

If you would like to share your experiences of research involvement or your experiences of working with community pharmacies, please contact us.