“All of these things around running clinical trials – doing postmarketing surveillance, adverse drug reaction reporting, consultation, to patient visits. There’s a massive, massive agenda for us to get involved in, to make a difference.”

Pharmacy Stakeholder

Support for Pharmacy Superintendents and Owners


The Superintendent/Owner plays an important role in the Research Ready accreditation scheme in ensuring that the pharmacy team is supported in their research activity. A key requirement of the Research Ready accreditation is that the Superintendent/Owner declares their commitment to support the pharmacy in this way. A declaration form has been developed which can be discussed between the proposed Research Lead in the community pharmacy and the superintendent/owner. This document can be adapted locally, but it represents the minimum commitment to research in a Research Ready Accredited pharmacy. You should read this in conjunction with the document which outlines the Roles and Responsibilities of the Research Lead.

For an overview of Research Ready, please click here.

We are working with community pharmacy representatives to further support pharmacies to participate in research, if you are interested or would like to be involved then please contact the Research Ready team.

“While it may never be something that’s a ‘must do’ in all pharmacies, I suppose it... is potentially a sign of commitment to quality.... And it may be that you’d never use it formally as an assessment to the commissioner, but I could see how... (Research Ready) could be an additional motivation as a pharmacist or a contractor to be shown to be forward-thinking and focussed on developmental issues. ‘Not just doing the day job, but I’m interested in helping make things better and being involved in research’”

Pharmacy Stakeholder