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Royal Pharmaceutical Society Awards 2012

Award winners 2012

The RPS Awards 2012 followed on from the success of last year, celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of teams and individuals within the pharmacy profession.

Professionals from across all areas of healthcare attended including Professor Terrence Stephenson, President of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child health, Professor Richard Parish, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for Public Health and Paul Scourfield , Chief Executive at the Faculty of Public Health.

We were delighted to be able to recognise those members who are involved in pharmacy and rewarded excellence and innovation to those setting the highest benchmark standards, through these member only awards.

This year we introduced two new awards, the RPS Award for Excellence in Education, in association with the College of Pharmacy Practice as we recognise the achievements of those pharmacists

Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Noyce - Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2012

Peter Noyce was the winner of the RPS Lifetime Achievement Award for hiscontribution to pharmacy and education and the development of policy, especially inclinical pharmacy and practice research. 

His early achievements include developing therapeutic modules for final-year undergraduates at King’s College London and launching an MSc in clinical pharmacy at the academic practice unit at Northwick Park Hospital, London. Professor Noyce then went on to develop a vocational training programme for the London hospital-based pharmacy workforce - forming thefoundation for London Pharmacy Education and Training. He was also a member of the organising and scientific panels in the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy.

In addition to this clinical representation, Professor Noyce has led initiatives to establish a centre and national field force for supporting the professional development ofcommunity pharmacists and subsequently oversaw the implementation, diversification and peration of the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education for 20 years.

Professor Noyce has contributed extensively to undergraduate training. He was one of the five  heads of schools of pharmacy who developed the four-year MPharm degree, and has also been involved in national and international policy. He had a ministerial appointment for the review of pharmacy education in New Zealand, China and the UK. He also played a pivotal role in the establishment of the General Pharmaceutical Council, being professional adviser to the Department of Health Pharmacy Regulatory and Leadership Oversight Group, which first launched the council. He was also deputy chairman for the Higher Education Funding Council for England research assessment exercise. 

One of Professor Noyce’s biggest achievements was founding the multidisciplinary Drug Usage and Pharmacy Practice Group at Manchester University, which is acknowledged as one of the top pharmacy practice research communities in the UK. His contribution to the university is vast and has led the programme of health services research in pharmacy practice, policy and regulation for over 20 years. He has supervised 23 PhD students and authored 120 full academic papers and currently works as professor of pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Manchester.

Public Health Pharmacist of the Year

Emma Hinks - Winner of Public Health Pharmacist of the Year 2012

Emma Hinks was named the winner of the public health pharmacist of the year award (jointly sponsored by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health) for leading a scheme to support patients with tuberculosis medicines compliance by developing a new service model in south Wales. The community pharmacy service reported 75 per cent of patients completing treatment compared with 20 per cent through the hospital service, as well as the community pharmacy being more cost effective and acceptable by patients. Themodel is now being considered as a way to deliver TB medication services across Wales. Mrs Hinks has been integral in the development of a number of pharmacy public health services.

Clinical Pharmacist of the Year

Janine Barnes - Winner of Clinical Pharmacist of the Year 2012

Janine Barnes, neurology specialist pharmacist, was the winner of the clinical pharmacist of the year award (supported by Pfizer) for the care of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Dudley Primary Care Trust created her role in the hope of allowing PD patients to attend a pharmacist-led clinic to reduce secondary care waiting lists.

Dr Barnes has a PhD in neurosciences and qualified as an independent prescriber in 2007. She was further accredited as a pharmacist with a special interest in neurology in 2011.

The clinic led by Dr Barnes has been successful in reducing patients’ waiting times and has lowered doctors’ errors. Patient questionnaires provided show a 100 per cent positive response rate for the service and she now joins a consultant on monthly PD clinics at the local hospital.

Leadership in Pharmacy Award

James Stephen Dickson - Winner of the Leadership in Pharmacy Award 2012

James Stephen Dickson was the winner of the leadership in pharmacy award (sponsored by Lloydspharmacy) for his work in developing addictions IT systems in community pharmacy. 

The MethaMeasure Kit, an electronic system for measuring methadone, is now used in many countries, including the US and Hong Kong.

The system has dispensed 350 million millilitres without incident since 2011.

Mr Dickson, superintendent pharmacist for Dickson Chemist and director of MethaMeasure UK Ltd, spotted a need with a possible solution and was able to develop this new system through hard work.

Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year

Yvonne Perrie - Joint winner of Clinical Pharmacist of the Year 2012

Ijeoma Uchegbu and Yvonne Perrie were joint winners for the pharmaceutical scientist of the year (in association with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Professor Uchegbu (who was unable to attend the ceremony) won for her work on developing a delivery system to enable oral delivery of peptides to the brain - usually blocked by the blood brain barrier. 

Professor Uchegbu developed a nanoparticle delivery system to the brain via the intravenous and oral route using a GCPQ polymer which encapsulates the peptide, adhering to the endothelial cells, enabling the peptide to cross the blood brain barrier.

Professor Uchegbu is professor of pharmaceutical nanoscience at University College London's School of Pharmacy.

Professor Perrie investigated the development of an effective tuberculosis vaccine - overcoming the current challenge of producing a safe and immunogenic vaccine by delivery with an appropriate adjuvant.

By testing a range of delivery systems Professor Perrie’s project demonstrated that a cationic liposome formulation (CAH01) is superior as an adjuvant for a TB sub-unit antigen compared with a range of other delivery systems.

This TB vaccine has now entered phase I clinical trials.

Excellence in Education Award

Gail Fleming - Winner of the Excellence in Education Award 2012

Gail Fleming was the winner of the excellence in education award (sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser) for her work in pharmacy education and development in aiding the integration of the South East pharmacy Education and Training team into a postgraduate deanery. 
Mrs Fleming led a national working group on assessing training for pharmacy technicians in medicines management, resulting in more providers becoming approved to provide transferable qualifications across England - avoiding the cost of retraining. 
As well as leading the creation of a South East Coast Foundation Pharmacist Board, and the South East Development of Education and Practice Supervisors (DEPS) project, Mrs Fleming has demonstrated investment in the development of individual staff. Mrs Fleming is the director of medicines management and pharmacy and the clinical lead for clinical support services in Brighton.

Local Practice Forum (LPF) of the Year

Richard Seal - Leading member of the LPF of the Year 2012

Birmingham and Solihull Local Practice Forum was the winner of the LPF of the year award for the significant progress it has made in 2011.

Members have been involved in many activities such as attending RPS engagement days and hosting the RPS “Make your mark” event for preregistration trainee pharmacists - which was attended by over 100 people.

Over the past year the forum has progressed from level 2 to level 4 on the LPF tracker and has responded to several consultants on medicines use and other pharmacy-related queries.

A steering group is also well established and is actively supported by pharmacists from a range of settings including hospital, primary care, community and academia. The LPF has also established a partnership with the School of Pharmacy at Aston University and convened a research group.

Pre-registration Trainee of the Year

Rosaline Kennedy - Winner of Pre-registration Student of the Year 2012

Rosaline Kennedy, of Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, was named preregistration trainee of the year (sponsored by WM Morrison) after applying her continuing professional development learning to improving health-related outcomes for stroke patients. 

Miss Kennedy organised a health promotion event on stroke for the general public, providing advice and information to raise awareness for patients to limit their risk factors through suitable lifestyle interventions. 

Miss Kennedy was also motivated by her project regarding the use of patients’ own drugs in the trust. By updating the policy and training ward staff, she generated a three-month saving of £38,000.

Student of the Year 

Azhar Jiwa - Winner of Student of the Year 2012

Azhar Jiwa was named student of the year for the role he has played as a fundraiser and mentor for students at De Montfort University, Leicester. As a fourth-year student, he has been the organiser of many extra-curricular activities and in doing so has united all the pharmacy students. Such activities have included a football tournament and an ice-skating trip.

Mr Jiwa is an “approachable student with a selfless attitude” and has encouraged over 70 students to participate in the McNeil Responding to Symptoms competition. He also organised the Leicester Pharmacy Students’ Association Ball, which had the highest turnout in recent years.

This support for fellow students is a continuing theme. Mr Jiwa has created a guide for younger students about his experience in applying for a hospital preregistration placement and has provided interview advice for many of his peers.

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