RPS Awards 2016

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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Awards programme celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of teams and individuals within the pharmacy profession.

The Awards recognise and reward excellence and innovation in pharmacy and those setting the highest standards. We are delighted to be able to highlight the work that our members are doing, which ultimately improves and enhances patient care.

Our nine awards encompass all pharmacy sectors and career stages with categories ranging from Student of the Year Award through to our Lifetime Achievement Award.

Award winner for Excellence in Education


The NES Advanced Clinical Skills for Pharmacist Independent Prescribers course coverscore clinical skills and has been developed and delivered through a multi-disciplinary teamof clinicians. It was commissioned by NES Pharmacy to support pharmacist independentprescribers working with their local health care teams to assess, diagnose and treat patientswith a range of self-limiting and long term conditions. The fi rst year of the course has beenundertaken by 200 pharmacist independent prescribers and is unique in terms of the purpose,partnerships and content. It provides access to clinical skills as well as non-technical skills trainingin a variety of formats, plus the opportunity to practise skills using simulated patients withspecifi c personal feedback.


  • Atif Shamim
  • Ruth Edwards 

Award wnner for Clinical Pharmacist of the Year


Graham led the mobilisation of a pharmacy team approach demonstrating that clinicalpharmacy and medicines management using the whole skill set in pharmacy was essential todelivering an integrated pharmaceutical service for patients. Problems around communication,inadequate review and care planning were overcome. In a wider context, the approach hasbeen adopted by 8 local GP surgeries for community and care home patients. A recent auditdemonstrated time savings of approximately one hour per GP per day. The CCG contracthas been extended by two years with the hope of further extending the guiding principlesof integrating care further.


  • Jaswinder Dhap
  • Gulab Chauhan

Award Winner for Leadership in Pharmacy Award


Through Refer-to-Pharmacy, Alistair has changed the way pharmaceutical services are delivered across the primary/secondary care interface in East Lancashire. Its aim is to join up hospital and community pharmacy service and the biggest challenge ultimately is to create awareness of, and demand, to spread the innovation to other health economies. As a result of Refer-to-Pharmacy, 1907 referrals have been made from October 2015 to May 2016 and there has been a reduction in readmissions. The aim is to have a first wave of Refer-to-Pharmacy implemented in the summer of 2016 and a second wave towards the end of the year.


  • Ravi Sharma
  • Medicines Optimisation Team, Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG

Award winner for Lifetime Achievement Award


Award winner for Local Practice Forum Award


The Wessex LPF steering group agreed a series of actions including extending representationby recruiting new members and appointing a new lead, improving communication with localRPS members and non-members, collaborating more with other local organisations andsupporting RPS national campaigns. Wessex LPF’s performance has improved signifi cantly; thedashboard moving to green status in the last 6 months. Social media accounts, the LPF portaland communication tools are being utilised to engage and inform. Wessex LPF have an extensiveevents programme including joint events and a conference, with a range of topics to attractpharmacists from all areas of practice.


  • Gogledd Cymru North  
  • West Yorkshire

Award winner for Preregistration Pharmacist of the Year


Ali started the “Pre Pharmacy Programme”, an initiative targeting secondary school students.Through talk sessions, the aim is to raise awareness of key messages such as the pharmacydegree and its benefi ts, the pharmacist’s level of responsibility and prestige and the highjob satisfaction. Ali is also currently seeking to create an online community pharmacymarketplace for minor ailments and OTC products, believing this will improve patient accessand openness to pharmacies in addition to providing customers with the best prices. Afterreceiving positive recommendation from a business consultant and a positive response fromcommunity pharmacies, Ali has begun work with a developer to create the website forlaunch in the next nine months.


  • Acacia Leong
  • Rebecca Burgoyne

Award winner for Public Health Pharmacist of the Year


Olutayo set out to make a difference in the community by taking pharmacy servicesto patients rather than waiting for them to come into the pharmacy. Her aim was tocreate an awareness of a healthy living and to encourage more people to access services,especially for those who are not able to come to the pharmacy. As a result of the outreachprogramme, there has been a marked improvement in pharmacy use by the communityacross a range of services including, cancer care, falls prevention, health checks, alcoholabuse and more.


  • Viral Doshi
  • Conall Watson

Award winner for Student of the Year Award


Lara has been proactive in being a voice for her colleagues and in supporting and leading RGUstudents in professional involvement. She established a Pharmacy Law and Ethics (PLE) groupand has also led the establishment of RGU Professional Bodies Group. Lara has chaired debateson ethical issues and recently led a consultation with her peers on the GPhC’s professionalstandards. Lara has led a number of events which have allowed students to engage with topicalissues within pharmacy. The PLE group has given students a platform to discuss and debatelegislation and ethical issues and for students to access peer support in these areas.


  • Ala’a Siam 
  • Mark Sweeney
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