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Science and Research Network

Welcome to the Science and Research Virtual Network!

If you are finding us for the first time, we have only recently opened up the group, so we are looking to "early adopters" to jump start the network. 

The network is open to RPS members and non-members interested in sharing news and information about the science, research and practice of pharmacy. Members and professionals from allied fields may start and engage in discussion forums on issues relevant to their practice, and ideas for and guidance on practice research.

The network brings experts and colleagues willing to collaborate and a range of resources to your virtual doorstep. Researchers can:

  • Exchange experiences at a peer level
  • Seek information and advice from colleagues
  • Exchange information on research funding
  • Find colleagues willing to collaborate on research design and data collection

The network will be tied to a practice research database, and a database of leading scientists and researchers in pharmacy and allied fields.

The Science and Research Team will moderate the network and signpost resources. Contact a member of the team for more information about the network. Email 

If you are an RPS member, click below to get started. If you are a non-member email, and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to join.

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