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Pharmaceutical scientist

Pharmaceutical science encompasses the basic, applied and social sciences and plays a part in all stages of the journey of a medicine, from its discovery as a new molecule and formulation as a medicine, to its manufacture, approval by the regulatory agencies and ultimate use by pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

By its very nature, pharmaceutical science involves all subject areas that contribute to the study of drugs and medicines, and brings together components of many of the sciences including the chemical, physical and biological sciences, computation, mathematics, statistics and engineering as well as the social and behavioural sciences. Pharmaceutical science research underpins a pharmacist’s public health and health protection activities and informs pharmacy policy.

What do we do for Pharmaceutical Scientists? 

We have recently launched our New Medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines guide to the science underpinning pharmaceutical practice to promote pharmaceutical science and scientists to a wider audience. This document highlights the important roles played by pharmaceutical scientists in developing medicines and the challenges they face in doing so.

The Society also offers a range of benefits to our Pharmaceutical Scientist members such as a range of free events and reduced rates to our other conferences and courses, publications such as PJ and Clinical Pharmacist direct to your door, a professional recognition scheme, and 25% discount on Pharmaceutical Press titles.

We also promote evidence based science and practice by working with partner organisations, including Sense about Science and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS). The RPS is also a sponsor of the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group (JPAG).

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Featured pharmaceutical scientist

Karen Hassell

Professor Karen Hassell
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy, California NorthState University, Sacramento.

Professor Karen Hassell was one of the first sociologists to be recruited to a School of Pharmacy in the UK. Results from Prof Hassell’s early research resulted in English and Scottish governments introducing national minor ailments schemes, while her work around several pharmacy workforce censuses has ensured pharmacy has access to longitudinal data on the demographics and employment behaviour of the entire pharmacy workforce.  More recently, Prof Hassell’s work has helped shape the Department of Health’s community pharmacy modernisation programme, with her skill mix research being used to secure the necessary changes to legislation to allow the Responsible Pharmacist Regulations to be laid in 2008. 

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We provide pharmaceutical scientists with support, leadership and advocacy to ensure they are that the forefront of their discipline throughout their careers.

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Promoting pharmaceutical science

Discover how we're promoting pharmaceutical science in our new guide: New Medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines »

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