"I think it’s been useful to work through it; it’s sort of awakened me to more research stuff and got me thinking about what can possibly be done...I’m just quite excited to be involved from the outset, although it’s of benefit to others really."

- Community Pharmacist

What is Research Ready?


Research isn’t just for hospital and university settings.  As a community pharmacist you can both lead your own research activities or engage in research support activities such as audit and service evaluation, supplying treatments, identifying suitable patients and even medicines optimisation activity. 

Research Ready is an online self-accreditation tool which enables community pharmacies involved in or considering becoming involved in research or research support activities to demonstrate their commitment to research excellence. 

Research Ready asks pharmacies to commit that resources, staffing and consent arrangements are in place and covers five core areas which are aligned with latest research governance frameworks.  See the ‘Six Steps to Research Ready Accreditation’.

Once you are an accredited Research Ready community pharmacy, we’ll let your local research networks know about your interest in research support activities. We hold a database of all accredited pharmacies which we use to advise research councils, medical research charities and universities about pharmacies interested in taking part in research.

Research Ready can also be used as the first step on your research journey as part of your professional development and recognition portfolio.

Research Ready

We provide guidance and resources to help you think about what your pharmacy needs to become Research Ready and to support you in achieving best practice.

You don’t have to be a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to be involved in the Research Ready initiative, and you’re under no obligation to accept any invitations you receive.

Developed by Pharmacy Research UK in conjunction with the Royal College of General Practitioners and the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network, it is aligned with the latest Research Governance Frameworks.

Research Ready Pharmacies

If you are a researcher interested in working with Research Ready pharmacies, click here.

"I thought it was a useful baseline to start getting somebody like me - who didn’t know anything about Research Ready - to think about what Research Ready means. Some of it was quite theoretical, but having now gone through it I feel a bit better informed about what could be used when it comes to putting it into practice." 

- Community Pharmacist