Overseas Pharmacists Group

International Pharmacy Affairs


With approximately half of UK legislation originating in Europe, it is vital for our profession to monitor and engage with European public policy that involves pharmacy. The RPS is a member of a European representative body that presents a Europe-wide professional viewpoint to legislators. The PGEU presents the pharmacy view on the many different relevant directives passing through the European Parliament, providing a voice for every pharmacist in Great Britain.


  • to raise the awareness of the role the RPS and its membershave in International Affairs
  • to prepare and supportthe various skills members need resulting from EU regulationsaround education, practice and regulation
  • to represent, informand influenceEU and EC policy to ensure our members vision of Community Pharmacy is reflected in EU policy and legislative developments and not adversely affected by it


 Our mission is, as a rigorous, pro-active and constructive stakeholder in International Affairs like PGEU, WHO and FIP. The network provides:

  • A platform to feed-in and feedback their experiences, news and views
  • Gives access to responses, documents andpublications
  • Intelligence gathering and vision planning


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