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What is the LPF Steering Group Support Network?

The LPF Steering Group Support Network (previously the LPF Leadership Network) is for members of steering groups from across GB. As a collective voice at a local level, this provides its members with the opportunity to:

  • Share best practice with other steering groups
  • Engage with each other on common goals and challenges faced when running a LPF
  • Influence the national agendas from a local perspective


The network will also enable the RPS to directly share the latest developments at a local leadership level and provide more direct support to those members who are working hard for other local members.


Find out the latest news targeted at local leaders - what is the latest guidance from the LPF team? What have other LPFs been up to that has been a success?

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There will be strategy days where local leaders can get together and showcase their successes as well as look at developing new ways of networking local members

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Have you ever wanted to ask another LPF lead how they managed to run a successful event? Have you ever wanted to ask different LPFs opinion about an event you want to try? You can now contact all 48 steering groups for advice

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The LPF team will be providing guidance on running steering groups and other related activities e.g. how to effectively market your local events. You will also be able to get hold of the latest Action Packs and organise events on your national priorities

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If you have a video of a success event in your LPF, why not share it with other LPFs?

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