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Sports Pharmacy

Sport and exercise are important aspects of modern lifestyle management for an increasing number of the general population. In addition, some sportsmen and women pursue this interest in sport to a competitive standard and in a few cases to an elite, possibly professional, level.

Regardless of the level to which sport and exercise is pursued, participants require health professional advice on a number of fronts. These include advice on the potential benefits or drawbacks of dietary or ergogenic supplements, support for the treatment of exercise-induced injury and expert counselling on the use of drugs in sport, particularly for those involved in competitive sport.

As experts in health promotion, responding to symptoms and on drug use and misuse, pharmacists must play an increasing role in supporting clients and patients who participate in sport and exercise.

The aim of this special interest group is to promote this concept by generating a platform through which pharmacists and pharmacy technicians interested in sport and exercise can network, exchange ideas, promote good practice and extend the role and scope of pharmacy in this field. This will apply to general practice and also in specialist fields of competitive sport such as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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