RPS Support Alerts

The RPS Support team are developing and publishing regular Support Alerts to help support you in your day to day roles. These will cover a wide range of subjects ranging from legal and ethical issues to clinical matters and aim to be informative, supportive and user-friendly. Topics will be identified as part of horizon scanning by the RPS Support team but will also be produced in response to real queries and issues raised by members.

This section also includes information about drug and device recalls, patient safety notices, health professional letters and other important communications concerning patient safety, thus enabling you to ensure that you meet any necessary clinical governance requirements.

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Support Alerts archive

09/02/2015 - New drugs and driving legislation in England and Wales: Guidance for pharmacists 

New drugs and driving legislation in England and Wales: Advice for pharmacists and their .....more 

06/02/2015 - Patient Safety Alert: Accidental ingestion of fluid/food thickening powder 

NHS England Patient Safety Alert: Risk of death from asphyxiation by accidental ingestion .....more 

29/01/2015 - Electronic Prescription Service: Smartcard changes 

Due to a change to the system that manages Smartcard access to the Electronic Prescription Service .....more 

21/01/2015 - CAS Alert: Medicines related to valproate: risk of abnormal pregnancy outcomes 

The MHRA has issued a letter to inform healthcare professionals of new important information and .....more 

19/01/2015 - Patient Safety Alert: Harm using low molecular weight heparins when contradicted 

NHS England Patient Safety Alert: Harm from using Low Molecular Weight Heparins when contraindicated

16/01/2015 - Medical Device Alert: Accu-Chek Spirit Combo insulin infusion pumps 

Medical Device Alert: Accu-Chek Spirit Combo insulin infusion pumps manufactured by Roche .....more 

16/01/2015 - Company-led drug alert: Rienso 30mg/ml solution for infusion (Takeda UK Ltd) 

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a company-led alert for .....more 

14/01/2015 - Class 2 Medicines Recall: Oral diclofenac presentations with legal status 'P' 

Class 2 medicines recall (action within 48 hours): Recall of all oral diclofenac presentations .....more 

07/01/2015 - Rescheduling of 4-Hydroxy-n-butyric acid (GHB) to Schedule 2 

Rescheduling of 4-Hydroxy-n-butyric acid (GHB) including Xyrem (sodium oxybate) to Schedule .....more