The Map of Evidence

Pharmacist and customer

A good way to improve performance is to share knowledge and replicate successes from one place to another.

The Map of Evidence is a database which enables:

  • The collation of existing evidence and ongoing initiatives that can ultimately inform policy and practice relating to pharmacy;
  • The sharing and showcasing of good pharmacy practice and innovation; and,
  • Increased knowledge exchange and learning in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

To this end, we need your input!

We need examples, whether these be case studies, audit data (clinical and practice), service development, service evaluation or research findings.

We are interested in anything that generates new knowledge or points to innovation, good practice, promising practice, lessons learned and success stories in the full cycle of the making and taking of medicines.

To share your data, please complete our data capture form.

Share your evidence

We need your input – to share your activity, please complete our data capture form.

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Submit your ideas

NHS Evidence - QIPP  wants to hear from you if you have an example of best practice you think should be part of the QIPP collection. Your practice or organisation could become a beacon of best practice for others to follow.

For more information please visit the NHS Evidence website

NICE shared learning database

Shared learning is a crucial part of improving the way the health and social care community makes use of resources. NICE encourages organisations to be creative in implementing its guidance through its Shared Learning programme.

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