Science and research

Science and research

Science in Pharmacy
– Pharmaceutical science encompasses our pharmacy knowledge in the basic, applied and social sciences. It cuts across the discovery, development, delivery, quality, safety, efficacy, regulation, and usage of medicines and medical devices.

Research in Pharmacy – Patients and the public receive safe, high quality treatments and interventions when these are based on robust evidence. Pharmacy audit, evaluation and research enable us to generate the knowledge and evidence on which continually improving outcomes depend.

Together, science and research are the cornerstone of the profession. Our vision is to be the first port of call for all those seeking expertise in pharmaceutical science and research. To this end, in this section you will find:

Our activities benefit from the leadership of the Pharmaceutical Science Expert Advisory Panel and Education Expert Advisory Panel. These panels, composed of leading figures in pharmacy science, research, training and education report to the RPS Assembly and national boards, providing multi-disciplinary expert advice to drive the future of pharmacy.


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