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Houses of Parliament

Our public affairs activity seeks to inform political decision-making and shape policy in England. We work closely with Ministers, officials, MPs, Peers, special advisers, local government representatives and other stakeholders. 

Our targeted public affairs campaigns represent the needs and concerns of pharmacists. We ensure the voice of pharmacy is heard loudly and clearly at the highest level, helping the profession fulfil its true potential.

Our work is directed by the English Pharmacy Board, which has chosen five areas of focus for our Shaping Pharmacy for the Future campaigns running throughout 2015:

We also support the work of the All-Party Pharmacy Group (APPG), a group of MPs and Peers who promote the profession's current and potential contribution to healthcare.

To be kept up-to-date with political developments, RPS members can join the Your Voice in Government network.

You can also follow the RPS Public Affairs team on Twitter @RPS_Stakeholder.

A key aspect of our work is engaging with MPs and increasing their understanding of pharmacy, meaning we can inform the debate and better represent the profession.  We have been particularly active in arranging pharmacy visits with MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates (candidates during the General Election), and you can view our past visits here - Pharmacy Visits.  We were delighted to include Jane Ellison, the Coalition Minister for Public health, and Jamie Reed, the Shadow Minister responsible for pharmacy, among other key candidates that we held pharmacy visits for during the 2015 election period.

To see RPS policy and news on other issues, visit our political issues index.

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