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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society engages with the institutions of the European Union to represent the views of pharmacists and inform policy-making.

We are members of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), and in association with our UK partners, the National Pharmacy Association and the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, present a UK-wide perspective at EU level. The RPS comments and lobbies on EU legislation and initiatives via the PGEU, joining in the creation of a Europe-wide view with its European partner organisations who are also PGEU members. The RPS is a permanent delegate at the PGEU, providing the views of GB pharmacists and seeking to inform discussions with the European Commission and Parliament.

RPS membership of the PGEU also facilitates the exchange of best practice amongst membership bodies across Europe and allows the exchange of information to assist policy-making in Great Britain.

European Directives of interest to the RPS and PGEU

Political actvity in the EU

News updates from the EU are provided by the courtesy of PGEU

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You can also visit our international pharmacy page for more information about our non-political work abroad.

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