Get involved

Get involved

We provide a collective voice for the pharmacy profession at a national policymaking level and welcome your professional views and experiences so that we can shape this dialogue to reflect fully your concerns.

Please take the time to let us know your views on how the Government and the NHS could better support your professional practice.

Away from Westminster and Whitehall, often the best advocates for pharmacy are local pharmacists themselves. We are committed to supporting LPFs and individual pharmacists to engage with local policymakers and to make the most of these opportunities.

Request a visit

If you are a pharmacist and would like to host a visit from your local MP, MSP, or AM, please contact us via

Your voice in government

We want to listen to and engage with all those Royal Pharmaceutical Society members interested in helping to form the pharmacy profession's views and influence government thinking.

Have your your say in the your voice in government virtual network.

Local policy

If you are an LPF Officer interested in engaging with policymakers in the local area, please download our LPF toolkit.