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25/03/2015 - Political monitoring reports 

The RPS Public Affairs team produces weekly digests of healthcare policy developments in.....more 

25/03/2015 - Seven Day Services: Health & Sport Committee hears RPS Scotland's views 

RPS Scotland attended parliament on the 17th of March, where we had been.....more 

24/03/2015 - Missed our events on dispensing error proposals? Catch up with our webinar 

We’ve held four face-to-face events and a webinar to help gather your views on the.....more 

19/03/2015 - RPS responds to Scottish Government public health review 

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland has now published its response.....more 

17/03/2015 - Pharmacists set to work in GP surgeries in radical move to ease pressures on GPs 

Radical proposals calling for pharmacists to work in GP surgeries will be unveiled at.....more 

11/03/2015 - Call for impact assessment on potential closure of Essential Small Pharmacies  

Responding to news about the potential closure of Essential Small Pharmacies.....more 

09/03/2015 - MPs support national 'flu service and greater public health role for pharmacy 

A group of MPs and Peers from across the political spectrum says the next government should.....more 

09/03/2015 - MPs want NMS and MURs expansion by 2016 

A group of MPs and Peers from across the.....more 

09/03/2015 - MPs call for action on medicines shortages 

A group of MPs and Peers from across the.....more 

06/03/2015 - RPS signs letter opposing the Saatchi Bill 

The RPS is a signatory to a letter published in today's .....more 

05/03/2015 - BBC pre-election health debate: join the audience! 

The BBC is looking for pharmacists to join the audience for a pre-election debate on the.....more 

27/02/2015 - Member briefing on Rebalancing consultation 

The threat of criminal prosecution for dispensing errors has long been.....more 

24/02/2015 - Register now to have your say on dispensing error proposals 

We’re holding a series of four events across the country in conjunction with General.....more 

23/02/2015 - RPS to give evidence to Health & Sport Committee on seven day working 

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland has been invited to give evidence to the Health.....more 

20/02/2015 - Medical exemption fines unfair says RPS 

Media reports today have highlighted that the NHS.....more 

12/02/2015 - Progress on dispensing error issue announced 

The Government has today proposed changes to address 'imbalances' between legislation and.....more 

10/02/2015 - Antimicrobial resistance debated in the Scottish Parliament 

On Thursday 5 February 2015 the Scottish Parliament debated the.....more 

29/01/2015 - RPS highlights need for New Medicines Service to cover more conditions 

Chair of the English Pharmacy Board David Branford has called for the New Medicine Service.....more 

27/01/2015 - Labour release their 10-year plan for the NHS 

Today the Labour Party announced their 10-year plan for.....more 

22/01/2015 - Calling all politicos! 

Are you running for election to Parliament in May? Are you a local councillor? Perhaps you.....more 

21/01/2015 - HEE to pilot pharmacists in A&E 

NHS England announced at their December Board meeting that Health Education England (HEE).....more 

21/01/2015 - RPS responds to wilful neglect/ill-treatment and duty of candour consultations 

The Scottish Pharmacy Board (SPB) has now responded to the two Scottish Government consultations.....more 

20/01/2015 - RPS calls for Scottish Government action on e-cigarettes in public spaces 

The Scottish Pharmacy Board (SPB) of the RPS has now published its.....more 

19/01/2015 - Assisted Dying Bill debated in the House of Lords 

The Assisted Dying Bill has been debated for a second day at committee stage in the House.....more 

09/01/2015 - NHS England pharmacy campaign extended 

NHS England have announced that a second wave of the .....more