Scotland activity

Scottish Parliament

With the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and the devolution of health policy to that body, having a distinct Scottish voice for pharmacy is vital.

As part of our task of representing pharmacy in Scotland, we create distinctive Scottish policy for pharmacy and ensure our message is heard at the heart of the Scottish political establishment.

In this section of the website you can find out more about what campaigns we are currently concentrating on.  There is information on work in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government that is relevant to the profession. We also want to hear from you, to help shape our message in Scotland.

Current political activity in Scotland

  • Health and Social Care Integration
    The care of older people is a high priority in the proposed changes to legislation and medicines play an important role in this. RPS is committed to positioning pharmacy as a key stakeholder in the NHS and we are currently working with Scottish Government and NHS representatives to ensure that pharmacy is represented in the working groups and local NHS frameworks to take the health and social care agenda forward. If you would like more information on this work stream, contact Aileen Bryson.

Please visit our current political campaigns page for more information about all our current campaigns in England, Scotland, Wales, and the European Union.