Wales activity

Welsh assembly

Making sure the voice of pharmacy is heard in Wales is a key priority for the Welsh Pharmacy Board. Working with the Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales is a critical part of our work and is necessary for effective leadership, representation and advocacy.

The Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales have a range of functions and powers that are separate from the UK Parliament and the Central Government machinery in Whitehall and Westminster. Since its creation in 1998 the National Assembly for Wales has grown as a legislature and now has more devolved responsibility and powers than ever to shape public life in Wales.

The Assembly's devolved responsibility for health care is an important area of attention for the RPS in Wales, demanding considerable activity and engagement with Welsh Ministers and politicians on behalf of our members. As the professional leadership body for pharmacy, we have a key responsibility to our members to represent their interests and promote their role at the highest strategic levels in Wales, ensuring the professional voice is heard during relevant policy and legislative developments. We act as advocates for our members and also support our members who wish to personally lobby Welsh politicians individually.

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