Terms and Conditions of Royal Pharmaceutical Society Membership and the Faculty

These Terms and Conditions outline what You sign up to when You become a member of the Society in any category, the Faculty membership as well as Yours and our rights under the agreement


Membership agreement

The agreement between Us/We (the Society, the professional body) and You/ Your (the member)

Terms and Conditions

The rules You must abide by as part of this agreement

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

We, the professional body, RPS,  the Society

Society Membership

Membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society


 The category of membership You hold known as either Fellow, Member, Associate or Pharmaceutical Scientist or student


The professional recognition programme for RPS members

Faculty Membership

Membership of the RPS Faculty

Faculty Stage

The Stage of Faculty membership You  hold as either  Stage I member, Stage II member or Faculty Fellow

Post nominals

The designatory letters You are awarded to use after Your name indicating Your  category of RPS membership and, if relevant, Your Faculty stage 

The Regulator

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) or any other name it may be known by from time to time, and any statutory body subsequently established to carry out all or the substantial functions of the GPhC

The Register

The register of pharmacists administered by the GPhC or the predecessor regulator

Fees or Membership fees

All relevant fees You must pay us to be a member of the Society including for Faculty Membership

Membership benefits

Privileges, products and services provided by the Society to its members

Written or in writing

Communication that is either printed or electronic, which includes e-mails

Laws of the Society

The regulations, and codes, guidance or requirements of the Society as made available to members on the Society’s website


Behaviour which goes against the Laws of the Society, or any other professional standards which we from time to time adopt or observe

Good Standing

An applicant/member of good standing adheres with the Laws of the Society, its Terms and Conditions and where relevant, the statutory requirements of the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Code of Ethics & Standards

Suitable Standing

An applicant/member who has breached either the Terms and Conditions of membership and or the statutory requirements of the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Code of Ethics & Standards, can be considered to be of suitable standing where he or she demonstrates considerable effort and willingness to be of good standing and will be likely to meet those requirements over time. This decision will be determined by the Society at its sole discretion.

Membership Committee

The appointed group of RPS members that review non-standard applications and membership from time to time as and when required

Professional Credentialing Panel

Stewards of curricula/syllabus for professional development beyond registration alignment of both assessments and curricula.


The Royal Charter which incorporated the Society in 1843 as supplemented in 2004 and amended with effect from 27 September 2010.

1. Memberships
1a. Society Membership and Eligibility

We may amend our membership criteria from time to time. You should review our website where we will highlight updates on our Membership page
1b. Faculty Membership and Eligibility

2. Membership Committee

3. Faculty Board and Quality Assurance Panels

4. Membership fees
4a. RPS Membership Fees 

We are allowed to change the membership fee or introduce additional charges and will notify You at least 30 days before they apply. 4b Faculty Membership Fees

5.  Cancellation of Memberships
If You no longer wish to be a member of the Society You may opt out of renewing in writing providing at least one month’s notice before the start of the upcoming membership year.If You no longer wish to be a member of the Faculty You have the right to opt out of renewing in writing providing at least one month’s notice before the start of the upcoming membership year. Your RPS membership will not be affected
If we make an error with processing Your membership fee resulting in fees being collected after cancellation, and You have told us in writing at least one month before the payment is due, we will refund the erroneous payment.

6. Post-nominal designatory letters, and Society Fellowship

RPS Fellowship is an awarded status reserved for members who meet additional criteria. If Your membership ceases for any reason, You can no longer retain the status of Fellow. You must request restoration of this awarded status in writing.
7. Membership card & certificate 


8. Personal Data and Marketing

9 RPS Services and Resources
 9a RPS Support

9b Faculty Resources and Tools

9c General

We retain the right to alter, suspended or withdraw services, products, privileges or offers at anytime without notice
10. The Society and Governing Law

11.  Refund of membership fees