Charles Landseer (1799-1879)

Charles Landseer was the elder brother of the better-known and more successful E Landseer. Charles often sought advice from Bell regarding his commissions. Like his sibling, Charles studied under his father, the engraver John Landseer, and then with Benjamin Robert Haydon before entering the Royal Academy Schools in 1816 where he was taught by John Henry Fuseli.

Subjects from history were popular at the Royal Academy. For The Plundering of Basing House Charles Landseer chose an event in October 1645 at the height of the Civil War, when the Royalist stronghold, Basing House in Hampshire, was stormed by Parliamentarians. The brief and bloody battle lasted less than two hours, and civilians as well as soldiers were slaughtered in the assault. The house was looted bare and eventually caught fire. The ruins were demolished by order of Parliament, and the stones and bricks were carted away for use in other buildings.

Image below left: Bloodhound and Pups, exhibited 1839 - Tate, London, 2007

Image below middle: The Pillaging of a Jew's House in the Reign of Richard I, exhibited 1839 - Tate, London, 2007

Image below right: The Plundering of Basing House, exhibited 1836 - Tate, London, 2007

Bloodhound and pups