Frederick Richard Lee (1799-1879)

F.R. Lee was a painter of landscapes and pastoral scenes, influenced by John Constable's work. He often collaborated with Thomas Sidney Cooper and Sir Edwin Landseer. As with these two paintings, Lee created the landscape and another artist added the animals.

Many of Cooper's paintings derived their inspiration from Landseer. The commentator Mrs Adams-Acton complained that he was 'eternally painting the cows lying down in his meadows, stolidly chewing the cud, and selling these pictures for enormous prices, and after all, when you have once mastered the technique, there is very little drawing required in a cow.'

River scene


Image left:

A River Scene (cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper) 1855
Tate, London, 2007

Image right:

Evening in the Meadows (cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper) exhibited 1854
Tate, London, 2007


Evening in the meadows