Henry Perronet Briggs (1792-1844)

Jacob Bell had family connections in the art world through his cousin, Henry Perronet Briggs. Although Briggs had been born near Durham, he moved to London in 1811 to train in the Royal Academy schools. He established himself as a history and portrait painter. From 1814 until his death, he exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and at the British Institution. His success was recognized with his election as Royal Academician in 1832.

Briggs gave Jacob lessons in oil painting when he was a child. Bell continued to work with Briggs as an adult. Bell bought Briggs' Othello relating his adventures to Desdemona and commissioned other works from him. Briggs produced a portrait of John Bell in 1833, the membership certificate of the Pharmaceutical Society and a portrait of William Allen, the Society's first President. When Briggs died in 1844, Jacob was his executor and was also given guardianship of Briggs' two children.



Image left:

The certificate for members of the Pharmaceutical Society was designed by Briggs.
The first one was issued to William Allen on 1 June 1841

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Jacob Bell persuaded William Allen to sit for this portrait by Briggs in 1844, so that the Pharmaceutical Society would have a record of its first President


William Allen by Jacob Bell