Discounted rates


The Society recognises the importance of supporting individuals who are currently not practising as part of its remit to maintain and strengthen links across the profession. For this reason, a discount structure has been established for retired pharmacists, those on maternity leave or pharmacists who are not currently working, perhaps due to long term ill-health.


Open to people who have given up paid employment entirely and are no longer on the GPhC register.

Maternity leave

Existing Society members who are on maternity leave but who intend to return to practice in the future, may be eligible to apply for maternity discount for up to 1 year.

The maternity leave discount is available for one membership year per period of maternity leave only. If the maternity leave falls across two membership years, the discount rate should be applied for the year in which the substantial part of the maternity leave has been taken.

Not currently working/career break/long term illness

Open to people who are temporarily unemployed and seeking employment or have been signed off work as a result of ongoing illness. People voluntarily taking a break from the profession for up to 1 year but who intend to return to practice in the future may also be eligible to apply.


Open to people whose main postal address is outside of Great Britain, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

In addition, the standard membership fee will be reduced by up to 5% for all members who choose to pay annually via Direct Debit to make Society membership as affordable as possible.