Being appointed a Fellow of the Society is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed upon our Members.

It is an honour which recognises those individuals who have attained distinction in a particular aspect or aspects of their pharmacy career. As Fellowships are based on nominations from Members, it also signifies the esteem in which a Member of the Society is held by his or her peers, and as such is a mark of achievement which all Members should aspire to.


  • Nominees must have been a Member of the Society for at least 12 years
  • Nominees must have made an outstanding original contribution to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge or attained distinction in the science, practice, profession or history of pharmacy

Nominating Fellows

Any Member of the Society can nominate another Member for a Fellowship providing the nominee meets the eligibility criteria above. The nominator’s proposal should be supported by two further Members and either the nominator or at least one of the supporters must be a Fellow.

Anyone nominating a Member for a Fellowship is asked to complete the nomination form and provide a supporting statement. The panel of Fellows can normally only make their decision on the evidence submitted as part of the nomination process.

Download the guidelines & nomination form »

Appointing Fellows

The Assembly appointed Panel of Fellows review all nominations and determine who will be awarded a Fellowship of the Society. 

Nominations can be submitted at any time by sending your nomination forms to fellows@rpharms.com. The Panel meet twice a year in May and November to consider the nominations and make a decision.

The list of individuals who have been awarded Fellowships is published in the Pharmaceutical Journal following the Assembly meeting where the names are presented.