How we can support you through your pre-reg training

  • Discounts of at least 25% on all Pharmaceutical Press titles, including a discount of 50% on your copy of the BNF 69.
  • Revision tools to help you prepare for your registration assessment, including 30 days free access to ONtrack, saving you £48. 
  • Our revision course and full mock exam give you the opportunity to re-visit those difficult topics and gain guidance and tips from experts on how to approach your preparation.
  • The Pharmaceutical Journal delivered directly to your door and the option to subscribe to Clinical Pharmacist, saving you £192. 
    You'll also be able to access both publications online and via the app.
  • A printed copy of Medicines Ethics and Practice (MEP), worth £49.99, as well as a digital version to download when you're on the go.
  • A confidential enquiry service, provides advice, support and guidance around professional practice and the decision making process surrounding legal and ethical issues.
  • Support resources and webinars that provide guidance and advice on aspects important to you during your training; including using the MEP and BNF and vital guidance on how to achieve performance standards and how to prepare for the registration assessment.
  • Use of the post-nominals ARPharmS to demonstrate your professional commitment  

Join your professional body to get all the support you need throughout your pre-registration training.

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Pre-registration trainees can join the society from as little as £5.83 a month.

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