International pharmacy

The Society has a keen interest in international pharmacy and is an active member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association. Details of these organisations, together with links to their websites are given below.

Additionally, the Society has informal links with many other international organisations and information from these organisations will be posted below from time to time to help keep members informed on international matters.

Information and events from international organisations

Gender Medicine Congress 2015

The German Association of Women Pharmacists (DPV), in collaboration with the anna fischer; gender in medicine organisation is hosting a Gender Medicine Congress, on 10-12 July 2015.

The congress will be undertaken in German and English, with abstracts available in both languages.The centrepiece will be a symposium on 11th July, entitled "Diversity and Specificity:Gender and Ethnos in focus of Medicine and Pharmacy", with speakers focusing on a range of medical conditions.

Anyone interested in attending or obtaining more information can contact or

The 11th European meeting of Women Pharmacists

The Dutch Association of Women Pharmacists (NOVA) is running the 11th European meeting of women pharmacists, on 4th -6th September 2015.

The meeting will be undertaken in English, with abstracts available in English and Dutch.The main session will be on Saturday 5th September, on the theme "Getting older carefully” with speakers from Europe, Brazil and Australia focusing on a variety of social, environmental and genetic issues.

Anyone interested in attending or obtaining more information can contact or

Commonwealth Pharmacists Association


The purposes of the Association are to promote and disseminate the pharmaceutical sciences throughout the Commonwealth and to improve the quality and range of services offered there by professional pharmacists, in particular by:

  • Promoting high standards of professional conduct amongst pharmacists, having due regard to the honour and traditions of the profession;
  • Effecting close links between members of the profession in Commonwealth countries and facilitating personal contacts between pharmacists and students;
  • Encouraging the creation of a national professional pharmaceutical association in any Commonwealth country where none exists; fostering high standards of pharmaceutical education at all levels; fostering high standards of practice in all branches of the profession; holding Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Conferences;
  • Facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and information about the pharmaceutical sciences and the professional practice of pharmacy; 
  • Fostering high standards of control over the quality and distribution of drugs, wherever appropriate by professional means, and to that end encouraging suitable legislation and its implementation; 
  • Liaising with similar associations or allied health professional groups within and outside the Commonwealth to assist in attaining the aforementioned objectives.

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International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)


Is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and is in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO). Through its 124 Member Organisations FIP represents and serves more than two million practitioners and scientists around the world.

Throughout its almost 100 year history, FIP's priorities have expanded both literally and figuratively to meet the needs and expectations of the profession in expanding healthcare services and integrating emerging scientific developments. Changes in pharmacy and the emergence of Pharmacy Practice as a cornerstone of the profession have lead FIP to become globally visible for its advocacy on behalf of the role of the pharmacist in the provision of healthcare, while still maintaining its grounding in the pharmaceutical sciences. 

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Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union


The mission of PGEU is, as a rigorous, pro-active and constructive stakeholder:

  • to promote and develop cooperation in Community Pharmacy among the European nations;
  • to advocate for the contribution community pharmacists make to health systems and to public health through the provision of health services and the promotion of the rational and appropriate use of medicines; 
  • to ensure our vision of Community Pharmacy is reflected in EU policy and legislative developments.


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