25/03/2015 - Seven Day Services: Health & Sport Committee hears RPS Scotland's views


RPS Scotland attended parliament on the 17th of March, where we had been invited to represent pharmacists’ interests at the Health and Sport Committee’s evidence session on seven day working. MSPs and representatives from across the health sector convened to discuss the implications of seven day services for the professions.

SPB Board Member, Sandra Melville FRPharmS FFRPS, and Clinical Pharmacy Manager at Lorn & Islands Hospital in Oban, represented the Society’s views at the committee’s session. She particularly highlighted the clinical gap in pharmacy input at the weekends, and emphasised the need for increased resources if seven day services for pharmacy were to be implemented.

Sandra explained that the cohort of patients coming in at the weekends tend to differ from those who present during the week. They tend to be frailer or in need of emergency care, thus requiring more complex medicines. She urged this gap in patient care be bridged by ensuring a clinical pharmacy service be available throughout the week.

She also outlined that better planning in advance would provide fuller support to patients discharged at weekends. She went on to emphasise that communication is crucial, and that multidisciplinary working is integral to improving patient outcomes. She asserted a need for health services to be patient driven rather than target driven.

The transcript of the session is available in the Scottish Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee’s official report.

For more information on Seven Day Services and the Society’s response, click here.

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