20/09/2013 - Scottish Government's response to "The Wilson and Barber Review"


On behalf of the Scottish Pharmacy Board, Professor John Cromarty (Chairman) warmly welcomes Prescription for Excellence: “The Scottish Pharmacy Board of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society was delighted to see much of what it proposed during the consultation phase of the Wilson & Barber Review incorporated into the final Report. For the Board now to see much of what was in the latter report ambitiously and courageously set within Prescription for Excellence is almost unheralded territory, placing the pharmacy profession, as it clearly does, as an important and integral component of the wider Scottish Government ‘s 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care and its Quality Strategy.

"Prescription for Excellence puts pharmacists and pharmacy services at the very core of direct health care delivery through establishing a framework within which further innovative pharmacy practice and integrated partnerships can flourish to deliver pharmaceutical care for the benefit of patients in Scotland.”

Alex MacKinnon, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Director for Scotland, also welcoming in the plan said: “The Scottish Government has now delivered an action plan for improving the pharmaceutical care of people in the community which is both visionary and ground-breaking. If we all work together to enable this commitment then we will secure the future of the profession of pharmacy for the benefit of Scotland’s patients.
"The Scottish Pharmacy Board in its manifesto for the 2011 Scottish parliamentary elections, asked for a commitment to deliver independent pharmacist prescribing and for pharmacists to have access and input into a shared patient record, as key enablers of the delivery of pharmaceutical care and of pharmacists’ clinical role. It is really pleasing that both of our manifesto intentions have been recognised as core to improving pharmaceutical care.
"All of the work-streams of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland are driven by the ambition of advancing pharmacists’ clinical role to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines by the public and to improve person centred care. I firmly believe we can only achieve that through intra and inter professional working, shared learning and sharing best practice and this is absolutely recognised within the Scottish Government’s ambition.
"From the professional body perspective, I am delighted that professionalism and professional empowerment are layered throughout this vision and ambition. Opportunities like this don’t come along very often. As a profession we must embrace this and make that difference for Scotland’s patients. I would also call upon politicians from all parties in the Scottish Parliament to support this visionary action plan.”

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