What we're working on

As an organisation we work to support the development and future of the profession, as well as promote the work that pharmacists do so that it is understood by governments, other healthcare professionals and the general public. Read on to find out more about our current priorities.

New Medicines Better Medicines Better Use of Medicines

New Medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines 
(Promoting pharmaceutical science)

We've recently launched our guide to the science underpinning pharmaceutical practice to promote pharmaceutical science and scientists to a wider audience. This document highlights the important roles played by pharmaceutical scientists in developing medicines and the challenges they face in doing so.

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Now or Never

Shaping pharmacy for the future (Now or Never)

The Now or Never report looks at how pharmacists are providing easy access to medicines, advice, review and care; better self-management of long-term conditions; better health through support to make lifestyle changes, and services which are integrated with other health professionals- so care is seamless, and it recommends ways to make these services more widespread. 

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Pharmacy workforce

Pharmacy workforce issues

Following the announcement by the Government in December 2012 that student numbers entering MPharm programmes in England should be restricted in future and matched to the provision of NHS-funded training placements, the Society has formulated a response with the objective of identifying and evaluating options for the control of the number of pharmacists entering the GPhC register.

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Medicines optimisation

Medicines optimisation

Medicines optimisation is about ensuring that the right patients get the right choice of medicine, at the right time. By focusing on patients and their experiences, the goal is to help patients to: improve their outcomes; take their medicines correctly; avoid taking unnecessary medicines; reduce wastage of medicines; and improve medicines safety.

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Francis Inquiry report

Francis Inquiry

The Francis Inquiry report has profound implications for the whole of the NHS and for all sectors of pharmacy practice. In the coming months and years all of us will need to respond individually and as organisations to the demand for profound change across healthcare. As your professional body we are making sure that pharmacy plays its part in full in improving healthcare for patients.

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Information Management and Technology

Access to information (Information management & technology)

Information technology underpins and supports the delivery of pharmacy services across all sectors of pharmacy. Providing a robust electronic evidence base of the valuable and important role that pharmacists play in the care of patients is vitally important for the development and promotion of new clinical roles for pharmacists in the future.

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Previous projects

The projects in this section are initiatives in the 'maintenance stage'. We are no longer actively working on them, however we continue to promote them and their content is still relevant.