Louisa Stammwitz

Louisa Stammwitz

Louisa Stammwitz campaigned alongside Rose Minshull and Alice Hart to allow female students access to the Society’s chemical laboratories.
Louisa Stammwitz sat the Society’s Preliminary exam at the same time as Rose Minshull. She trained at the South London School of Pharmacy at Kennington under Dr Muter, also the School where Isabella Clarke and Rose Minshull trained.  Miss Stammwitz claimed later that, if there had been training available for women doctors at the time, she would have chosen that career instead of pharmacy.

Louisa Stammwitz, Rose Minshull, and Alice Hart were put forward at the Council meeting in February 1873 as “registered students” of the Society.  The motion was rejected. However, Miss Stammwitz passed the Minor examination and registered as a Chemist & Druggist on 18 October 1877. She passed the Major examination and registered as a Pharmaceutical Chemist on 12 December 1878.

Her first post was as Dispenser at the New Hospital for Women in London, where she stayed for 9 years.  She then set up in partnership with Annie Neve, another female pharmacist, and they opened a pharmacy in Paignton, Devon.

They remained lifelong friends, and Miss Stammwitz seems to have retired to live with Miss Neve in Sanderstead, Croydon, which is also the address where she died in 1916.

Image above: Louisa Stammwitz