Education reforms for pharmacy

Educational event

The many changes that are unfolding that are challenging for all professional bodies to engage with.

Our representative membership across the entire profession plus partnerships with organisations and specialist and science groups, puts the RPS in a position where we have an important and growing role to:

  1. explaining educational reform and considering it's impact on the wider system, including the devolved nations and all employment sectors,
  2. engage and motivate individuals and groups in that reform and the sharing of best practice,
  3. and secure expertise for developments and change.

One of the larger contributions we can make is to engage the system with the central tenet of education and health services and shift the mood towards embracing reform and new opportunities.

So what does this mean in practice? 

We will:

  1. Build connections and create networks focussing on professional education.
  2. Hold events to share best practice in education.
  3. Help colleagues gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of roles and issues relating to education across sector, specialisms and nations.
  4. Advocate strongly for practitioner development, support and recognition

Ways we can help in these times of change:

  • Supporting Local Leaders through Local messaging at LPFs
  • Host a symposia on educational matters and policy reforms relevant to pharmacy
  • Work with partner Groups to develop portfolios
  • Show educational  leadership through our Education panel and reference groups
  • Educational stewardship through sharing best practice
  • Supporting members at all levels- through RPS Mentors

Working with experts

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