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Pre-registration training support from your professional body

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Find out more about the benefits of Associate membership

Join your professional body from £71 and get access to:

  • A copy of the BNF 72 and BNFC 2016/17 for pre-registration trainees qualifying in 2017 (these will be with you in October if you sign up as an Associate before 15 September 2016).
  • Discounts of at least 25% on all Pharmaceutical Press titles, including a discount of 50% on your initial copy of BNF 73 (published in March 2017)
  • Revision tools to help you prepare for your registration assessment, including 30 days free access to ONtrack, with over 1,000 multiple choice questions written by pre registration tutors, practising pharmacists and leading academics.
  • The Pharmaceutical Journal ; an essential read for any aspiring pharmacist, providing comprehensive coverage of pharmacy news, technical articles, reviews on medicines and medicine use as well as a regular continuing professional development section.
  • Our Clinical Pharmacist publication concentrates on issues of direct relevance to clinical pharmacy and enables readers to keep abreast of current advances in their field.
  • Medicines Ethics and Practice, the essential guide to pharmacy practice and legislation, covering the Professional and Legal Practice areas of the registration assessment syllabus.
  • Our revision course and full mock exam give you the opportunity to re-visit those difficult topics and gain guidance and tips from experts on how to approach your preparation; members can book a discounted place on the course.
  • A confidential enquiry service, provides advice, support and guidance around professional practice and the decision making process surrounding legal and ethical issues.
  • Support resources and webinars that provide guidance and advice on aspects important to you during your training; including using the MEP and BNF and vital guidance on how to achieve performance standards and how to prepare for the registration assessment.  

Join your professional body to get all the support you need throughout your pre-registration training.

Please note that we are no longer sending pre-registration trainee Associate members, due to qualify this year, copies of the BNF 70 and BNFC.

"My Associate pre-registration membership gave me all the support tools I needed."

- Recently Qualified Member

How do I upgrade my membership?

Upgrading your membership

If you are a Student member and would like to start receiving the benefits Associate (pre-reg) membership offers,
you can upgrade direct from your dashboard or by calling the Membership Team on 020 7572 2737.

Pharmaceutical Press resources

Pharmaceutical Press

BNF – Member price £19.99
BNF for Children
Member price £19.99
Registration Exam Questions – Member price £18.75
Registration Exam Questions II – Member price £18.75
MCQs in Pharmaceutical Calculations – Member price £16.49

For more resources visit the Pharmaceutical Press website »

Accredited Training Providers

RPS Accredited Training Providers that offer pre-registration training:

  • Buttercups Training Ltd
  • ProPharmace Ltd

For further details of our accredited providers visit our full list of accreditations.