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If you have a pharmacy practice query, you should contact the RPS Professional Support Service by emailing support@rpharms.com, or by completing a webform.

Student resources

Pharmacist and customer

In this section, you will find all the support available to our Student members studying for their Pharmacy degree.

Your student years can seem like really hard work, but trust us, it pays off in the end. We've put together this section to tell you all about the support, guidance & resources we offer you as a student member, to help those 4 years go as smoothly as possible.

Not a member? If your university is accredited by us, you can apply for a student membership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society at no cost.
You can even apply if you're studying for a pharmacy degree at an FIP approved university overseas. Find out more about memberships.

How we can support you

•  RPS Professional Support Service

RPS Support is available online to student members.This service can provide you with advice, support and guidance around professional practice, as well as the decision making processes surrounding legal and ethical issues, associated with day-to-day pharmacy practice. We can additionally assist in identifying the relevant resources available both within the Society and externally to facilitate independent learning. If you have a query, please get in touch with the RPS Professional Support Service team by emailing support@rpharms.com, or by completing a webform.

•  Medicines, Ethics & Practice (MEP)

 The MEP is the ‘must-have’ guide for pharmacists and is also a standard text on many pharmacy degree courses, providing information and guidance on legislation affecting pharmacy practice. RPS's Student members can access their copy of the MEP online, it's in PDF format so you can stick it on your smartphone or tablet.

You'll also get access to our legal classifications of medicines database, to help you tell your Ps from your POMs.

•  Pharmaceutical Journal

As part of your student membership with RPS you’ll receive a subscription to PJ Online (worth £195!) which gives you access to online copies of the Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist, as well as new editions regularly delivered straight to your inbox.

•  Practical Guidance & Support Tools

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

You can download a range of quick reference guides focusing on pharmacy practice, law and ethics, reclassification of POM to P medicines, public health and clinical aspects of pharmacy.

Student Newsletter

Get Involved! is a monthly e-newsletter produced in partnership with the BPSA; containing BPSA news, information about our events and competitions, interviews with Executive members and interesting articles from the world of pharmacy.

Top tips

If you're studying for assessments, you might find our top tips for revision and exams helpful.

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•  Online groups

There's an online group for pretty much every area of pharmacy & pharmaceuticals you can imagine. So if you've got a question about a particular sector of pharmacy, you can get an answer from someone in the know. 

We also have a dedicated student group especially for undergradute MPharm students. You can join the student network group to ask questions, share knowledge & advice or discuss developments in the world of pharmacy.

•  Local Practice Forums (LPFs)

One of the best ways of developing your skills and knowledge is through learning from the experiences of others. Local practice forums are the local face of the Society and a great way for you to meet qualified pharmacists and build up your local network of contacts. Many LPFs hold educational meetings and presentations on a range of topics, which are a great way to develop your learning.

You can find the latest LPF events in your area by visiting the networks pages.

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Additional support

•  Pharmaceutical Press

We know that textbooks don't come cheap, that's why as part of your membership, you'll receive 25% off all purchases from the Pharm Press shop

•  Library

As a student member, you have access to all our online library resources, allowing you to find answers, complete your studies and conduct research.

•  Events

The Society runs a number of educational events both face to face and online. Our webinars are free for members and discounts are available on all our face to face events.

•  Mentoring service

Our mentoring service allows you to benefit from the support and guidance of their more experienced colleagues through a variety of approaches to mentoring. We have a number of mentors who have only recently qualified who may be able offer you additional support throughout your time at university, because they've been there, done that & got the t-shirt! Our online mentor – mentee matching database allows you to access a mentor to suit your needs.

•  Pre-registration guide for pharmacy students

One of our Associate Members, who is also a current pre-registration trainee, has compiled a Pre-registration Guide for Pharmacy Students. This document provides key steps, tips, guidance and resources for finding the right placement for you.

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Useful links

These organisations will also be a useful point of reference during your time at university.

British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association – BPSA is the official student body of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. They offer services designed to help you through your student years. Don't forget, membership to BPSA is included as part of your RPS student membership.

Pharmacist Support – provides help and support to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists, students and preregistration trainees in times of need. 

Free and confidential support includes financial assistance for people in hardship, specialist advice in employment, debt and benefits, a confidential 'Listening Service' for those experiencing stress, support with addiction and information.

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Pharmaceutical Press resources

Pharmaceutical Press

BNF – Member price £29.99
BNF for Children
Member price £29.99
Registration Exam Questions – Member price £16.49
Registration Exam Questions II – Member price £16.49
MCQs in Pharmaceutical Calculations – Member price £16.49

For more resources visit the Pharmaceutical Press website »