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Pharmaceutical Press and The Pharmaceutical Journal have both had a remarkable year.

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Our BNF app won two awards at the British Interactive Media (BIMA) Awards , scooping the award for Impact in Website and Apps and the overall BIMA Advance Award for Websites and Apps.

Our publications were at the centre of the big events of the year e.g. the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), legalisation of cannabis, Brexit, adalimumab coming off patent, revalidation and the advent of CAR-T therapies.

PharmPress published the sixth edition of Palliative Care Formulary – this edition is an important milestone, as PCF was recently acquired by PharmPress and will become a key title within our portfolio. PharmPress also published the twelfth edition of Stockley’s Drug Interactions.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

Three years in the making, last year also saw the launch of Martindale's Adverse Drug Reactions Checker (as part of MedicinesComplete), a brand-new product written entirely in-house by the PharmPress team.

The PJ hit the headlines in August after an exclusive interview with the head of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, in which he suggested that people with diabetes could be hit with shortages of insulin in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Traffic to the PJ website's Learning section rose by over 20% over the year.

 82% of members said they were satisfied or very satisfied with The PJ, and we were ranked top – above all other pharmacy media brands - for both news and learning content.

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PJ championed the professional development of pharmacists with a major revamp of its careers section.

We held the first PJ writing competition, on the topic of “Future Pharmacist”

We continued to highlight good work by pharmacists, anticipate members’ needs and champion their concerns.

As well as a 23% increase in BNF app downloads compared to last year, we've seen an incredible 338% increase in the number of sessions - and the app was used 13 million more times than in 2018.

70,000 users visited MedicinesComplete every week in 2018 - between them, they searched 19 million times, looking for everything from Abacavir to Zyvox - that's over 2,000 searches an hour! And they're spending longer on the site than ever - 25% more than last year.

MEP42 coverOur Pharmacy Alerts are vital, rapid-response updates on important changes in pharmacy, which have included medicinal cannabis and reclassification of pregabalin and gabapentin.

The 42nd edition of Medicines, Ethics and Practice has been downloaded 39,000 times since October 2018. And in that same period the MEP web page had over 63,000 page views.

Following the successes of our Hospital standards (for hospital pharmacists) and Prescribing Framework (for prescribers), we’re developing professional standards for community pharmacy services in 2019 to make community pharmacy better for pharmacy teams, people using pharmacy services and pharmacy owners.