How we are run

The overall strategic direction of the Society is provided by the Assembly, the governing body of the RPS, comprised of 11 members of the National Pharmacy Boards, a Lay Member, an Academic Member and a Pharmaceutical Scientist. The Assembly ensures the Society is led and governed effectively in pursuit of its ‘Objects’ as stated in the Society's Charter. 

The three National Boards of England, Scotland and Wales form the backbone of the Society. This reflects how devolution has affected healthcare in the three countries, meaning we are much closer to our members and better placed to influence national governments. 

The National Boards lead the agenda at a national level, focusing on the issues that really matter to our members. They have responsibility for interpreting and developing policy as well as overseeing the delivery of member services locally.

We also have a number of expert panels and groups formed of members with specific areas of expertise relating to pharmacy, pharmaceutical science and the pharmacy profession. The expert panels and groups serve as consultative panels and groups to the Boards, act as a source of expertise and advice and provide evidenced-based thought leadership to inform RPS policy decisions.

Current Governing Documents

Note re Changes to Governance Documents 2018

At the meeting held on 22nd March 2018 RPS Assembly agreed that the following amendments to the Society's Regulations would take effect from 8th June. Any members who wished to comment to the Assembly on the proposed changes were given the opportunity to do so.

i) Regulations
A new Regulations document replaced the old version. Schedules to the Regulations as a stand-alone document were discontinued, with the main relevant governance information incorporated into the new Regulations document. However, any changes in fees and subscriptions must still be gazetted in draft for 60 days on the RPS website and in the Pharmaceutical Journal prior to adoption in order for representations from the Membership to be solicited. 

Regulations in place up to 8th June 2018
Schedule to the Regulations in place up to 8th June 2018

ii) Code of Conduct
Now incorporated as an appendix to the Regulations. (Conduct Scheme for Members and Conduct Scheme for Members of Governance Bodies updated).

iii) Governance Handbook
The Governance Handbook has now been discontinued, with all relevant governance information being formally incorporated into the new Regulations document.

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