National pharmacy board elections

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Candidates in the 2017 National Pharmacy Board elections are as follows:

English Pharmacy Board

  • Martin Astbury
  • Nadia Bukhari
  • Mark Collins
  • Richard John Daniszewski
  • Jane Devenish
  • Ian Fraser
  • David Gallier-Harris
  • Sandra Gidley
  • Hala Jawad
  • Brendon Jiang
  • Ben Merriman
  • Mahendra Gulabbhai Patel
  • Stephen Riley
  • Sally Omolara Rose
  • Robert Severn
  • Ashok Soni
  • Altaf Vaiya

Scottish Pharmacy Board

  • Ewan Black
  • Jonathan Burton
  • Ross Hugh Ferguson
  • Alasdair Angus Macintyre
  • Ailsa Power
  • Deborah Alice Stafford

Welsh Pharmacy Board

  • Robert Davies - elected unopposed to the Any Sector vacancy
  • Richard Evans - elected unopposed to the Community Practice (locum) vacancy
  • Jeffrey Paul Harris - elected unopposed to the Community Practice (employee) vacancy
  • Suzanne Scott-Thomas - elected unopposed to the Hospital vacancy

Voting in England and Scotland will open on 4th May 2017

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Voting preferences

The electoral rolls will close at 5pm on 13 April 2017. Anyone who becomes a Member of the Society after 5pm on this date will not be eligible to vote in the election.

Members, or Fellows who are resident in England (including the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man), Scotland or Wales at 5pm on 13 April will be eligible to vote in the election of Members to their respective country’s Board.

Members, or Fellows who are resident overseas at this time will, by default, be entitled to vote in the English Pharmacy Board election. Overseas members who would prefer to vote in the Scottish or Welsh Pharmacy Board elections instead, they may do so by changing their voting preferences in My Profile.

Voting papers will be emailed to eligible members by default. Members can request voting papers to be posted to them instead by updating their voting preferences in My Profile, or by calling 0845 257 2570, before 5pm on 13 April 2017.

Hustings Webinar: Ask your RPS Candidate

16 May 2017 at 7pm.

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Key dates for 2017

  • 13 April: Electoral roll closure
  • 15 April: Candidates announced
  • 4 May: Voting opens
  • 26 May: Voting closes
  • 13 June: New Scottish board members take office
  • 19 June: New Welsh board members take office
  • 21 June: New English board members take office
  • 18 July: Newly appointed Assembly members take office