Dr Karen Hodson MRPharmS

Welsh Pharmacy Board

Academic and education sector

Karen has been co-opted to the Welsh Pharmacy Board for her expertise in academia and education. Karen holds a variety of teaching responsibilities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, as well as running professional development courses for pharmacists.  

As a Programme Director for MSc in Clinical Pharmacy, she is responsible for the strategic direction, overall management and quality assurance of the programme which is run across the United Kingdom: North Wales, South West Wales, South East Wales, Oxford and Bradford/Airedale (until 2013). She also liaises with the different funding bodies e.g. Workforce, Education and Development Services, complete site and tutor accreditation, run tutor training programmes.

As the Programme Director for (PHRMY) Non-medical Prescribing, she is responsible for non-medical prescribing in the School of Healthcare (formerly the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies (SONMS)).

In Karen's role as Postgraduate Supervisor, she supervises between three and eight MSc students each year (60 credit dissertation module) and 49 MSc dissertations since 1999 and one MPhil.

Karen also teaches on the MPharm III (Pharmaceutical Care lecture, tutorials and assessment) and the MPharm IV programme (surgery and sepsis) and an examiner for the OSCEs in all four years.  Here she supervises MPharm IV projects (three to four per year).

Declaration of interests

Date of Declaration: June 2016

Current Employment:

Director MSc in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacist Independent Prescribing programmes

Offices for which member is paid: 

Honorary contract with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Chair, Welsh Chief Pharmacists sub-committee workforce development and planning

External Examiner for Aberdeen University and Birmingham university

Member, Welsh Chief Pharmacists sub-committee education and training operational group

Member, Welsh Chief Pharmacists sub-committee quality and safety

Member UKCPA

Fellow of the RPS

Fellow of the RPS Faculty

Welsh Pharmacy Board

Member of Cardiff Local Practice Forum (LPF)

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