Learning Resources

We have a range of learning resources exploring the history of pharmacy.

We provide illustrated information sheets for you to download - written for pharmacists and non-pharmacists alike, they cover pharmacy objects and the history of the profession. 

The themes are:

Objects in the history of pharmacy

Do you have trouble telling your mortar from your pestle? Don't know your liniments from your linctuses? Or maybe you want to find out more about prescription reading? 

Then our Pharmacy Information Sheets are for you! 

Illustrated with examples from our museum collections, each has a focus on a different aspect of pharmacy history. 

  1. Drug preparation and extraction
  2. Secundum artem - the skill of the pharmacist
  3. Liquid medicines and medicine bottles
  4. Lozenges and pastilles
  5. Suppositories, pessaries and bougies
  6. Ointments, creams and plasters
  7. Pills and pill making
  8. Powders and cachets
  9. Capsules and tablets
  10. Patent and brand-name medicines
  11. Balances, weights and measures
  12. Dispensary bottles
  13. Pharmaceutical symbols
  14. English delftware drug jars
  15. Display glassware
  16. Domestic medicine chests
  17. Homoeopathy
  18. Mortars
  19. Prescription reading
  20. Taking the medicine
  21. Enemas

History of the Society

Guidance for museums

These information sheets are intended for museums with historic pharmacy items in their collections.