Faculty assessments move to a monthly schedule

11 Nov 2015

We know that our potential Faculty members have very busy work schedules, that’s why we’re providing more flexibility around our Faculty assessments.
We're delighted to announce that you can now submit for Faculty assessment on a monthly basis. This means you have two more opportunities to submit your portfolio this year. Simply submit before midnight on 30 November or 31 December 2015.

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists with over 10 years’ post-registration experience can become a Faculty member in three steps:

  1. Complete an online portfolio with your experience
  2. Have an up to date CV
  3. Ask your peers to give feedback using our online tool

If you have 2 to 10 years’ post-registration experience, there is an additional Faculty Practice Assessment (FPA), which is a case-based, or scenario-based discussion.

After you have completed these steps, you can submit them for assessment. Our assessors will review your experience and, if successful, award you at one of three stages of advanced practice, in recognition of your achievement. You’ll also receive a Professional Development Plan with valuable feedback from peers to help you make the most of your potential and find out where to take your professional development next.

To start accessing the Faculty tools and resources, build your portfolio or submit for assessment.  Simply log in to your dashboard »

We provide a wide range of resources, videos and webinars to help you on your Faculty journey. You can also get in touch with our Professional Support Service with any queries you might have.