Press Release

RPS launches new social media toolkit for members

The RPS has launched a new toolkit for members to help them become more expert with using many social media tools to promote the profession and aid their professional development.

The online resource, accessible from the members’ area of the RPS website, provides advice and tips about how pharmacists can get the most out of popular social media channels. The guidance covers tools such as using social media for events, joining Twitter chats and webinars and as an aid for professional development, professional support and pharmacy research.

RPS members who are expert social media users were involved in drawing together the practical guidance, which has been published through a selection of web pages, blogs, podcasts and video tutorials.

RPS Head of Corporate Communications Neal Patel said: “We are very grateful to our members who contributed to the production of our new Social Media Toolkit. Members gave up their time to help us in passing on their expert knowledge and advice. As a result we now have a good resource which we are keen to share. We think any RPS member who feels they would like to expand their professional social media skills will find the toolkit very useful.”

RPS members can access the RPS Social Media Toolkit by going to: