Press Release

RPS responds to Public Health England's published review of e-cigarettes

Public Health England (PHE) has today (Aug 19) published an independent review of the evidence on e-cigarettes which recommends that stop smoking services be encouraged to support smokers using e-cigarettes to quit the habit. 
Responding to the review RPS Director for England Howard Duff said: “Today’s report on e-cigarettes from Public Health England (PHE) adds to the growing body of information about their use.  
“E-cigarettes are currently unlicensed products with no standardisation of safety, quality or efficacy.  As such, we believe they should not be sold or advertised from pharmacies. 
“We echo the views of PHE and support the original intention of The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to regulate e-cigarettes as medicinal products as an aid to smoking cessation. The licensing process would align e-cigarettes with other nicotine reduction therapies and ensure quality control and standardisation of products.  
“E-cigarettes contain less harmful toxins than tobacco but still contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance.  As they are a very new product, no-one can be sure of the consequences of long-term use on health and further research is needed to determine this.”