2000 jobs announced in two years: Pharmacists in GP surgeries

2,000 new roles have been created in the two years since we launched our campaign.

In March 2015 we launched a campaign with the Royal College of General Practitioners calling for the widespread introduction of pharmacists into GP practices, building on the success of existing roles. The campaign aimed to increase capacity and skill mix in primary care and give more patients access to pharmacists’ expertise.

This major initiative championed by RPS England has created a brand new career path for pharmacists.

Two years on and 2,000 new roles for pharmacists are being created through NHS England’s pilot scheme in GP practices.  This is good news for the profession and patient care.  New jobs are also being generated independently outside the scheme as a result of the momentum created.  

The rise of practice pharmacists offers excellent opportunities for community pharmacists to link in with surgery-based colleagues to increase integration within primary care and improve patient outcomes.  

RPS England’s ambition is to see a practice pharmacist in every GP surgery in England delivering better care for patients. 

Our ultimate guide for pharmacists working in GP practices tells you all you need to know about the role.

We are working hard on your behalf – so if you’re not already a member join us on this journey. The profession needs a strong voice and we look forward to welcoming you and hearing what you've got to say.