Aileen Bryson retires from RPS

RPS Scotland says farewell to Deputy Director, Aileen Bryson today after 9 years working within the policy and practice team. 

Jonathan Burton, Chair of the SPB, said: “Aileen has been instrumental in supporting and promoting pharmacy in Scotland and has been a valued and supportive colleague.  She was due to retire in April, but selflessly stayed on to help with the Covid-19 programme and has had an important role in our work to build a better future for pharmacy.”

Alex MacKinnon, RPS Scotland Director, said: “ Aileen’s contribution to the work of RPS, the Scottish Pharmacy Board and the Scottish Directorate team has been significant. It has been an absolute delight working with Aileen over what has been almost a decade. Aileen’s skills and contribution in the areas of advocacy, policy development and stakeholder engagement have been much valued by all of her colleagues in the organisation and indeed in the wider external marketplace.  Working with Aileen has been inspiring, with lots of memories, lots of positive outcomes and lots of challenges overcome. She will be greatly missed by everyone and I wish her a very long and happy retirement.”